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We facilitate sustainable trade.

The Swiss Import Promotion Programme (SIPPO) is a well-established mandate of the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) with the overall vision of sustainable and inclusive economic growth and integration of SIPPO partner countries into world trade, through its mission of supporting Business Support Organizations (so called BSOs - which includes public or private asociations, chambers of commerce, export promotion agencies, among others) to increase their export promotion capacity and service provision to export-ready companies. As of 2017, SIPPO is implemented by Swisscontact, in partnership with BHP Brugger and Partners and Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation.

Through SIPPO’s network of international and national experts, the programme aims at supporting BSOs to increase their export promotion capacity and service provision to export-ready companies. The programme is a powerful tool in promoting sustainable trade in 11 countries and 6 sectors: Fish& Seafood, Processed Foods, Natural Ingredients, Technical Wood, Value-added Textiles and Sustainable Tourism.

SIPPO supports BSOs through tailor-made capacity building in two areas: 
1) Improving BSO Market entry activities 
through capacity building in market intelligence, trade fair participation, selling missions, buyer missions and study tours, and

2) Institutional Strengthening of Business Support Organizations (BSOs) 
through Strategic planning and positioning, Project Cycle Management and Knowledge sharing and learning.

BSOs are capacitated at their own speed and ownership is placed entirely in the hands of the service provider: BSOs who want to explore and improve access to new markets and opportunities for their export-ready companies to undertake these “last mile services” activities.

SIPPO thereby enhances BSO member companies’ performances in export and thus contributes to increased income and more and better jobs.

SIPPO has been present in North Macedonia for more than 15 years. Through its geographical proximity to Europe, North Macedonia is close to leading European importers. Quality products, a skilled workforce and the capacity to meet buyers’ demands helps North Macedonia be seen as a reliable partner in international trade.

SIPPO Code of Conduct


Business Support Organizations open the doors to world trade through their services to exporters.

We support BSOs to improve their services for exporting companies, and to strengthen their own institutional set-up, as well as connect them to an extensive network.

In our partner countries, we build the capacities of Business Support Organizations (BSOs), such as export promotion boards and sector-wide associations. We will support them so that they can provide high-quality services to their client companies and members in the areas of market intelligence, B2B matchmaking, and networking. In this way, we give assistance to embed export promotion within national structures of our partner countries.

SIPPO works with partners that are committed to the sustainable trade of goods and services, i.e. socially responsible and environmentally friendly, in accordance with our Code of Conduct.

SIPPO supports BSOs in numerous areas:


Learn to define your role in export promotion within your sector and country through a strategic and focused approach. 


Learn how to access, share and update knowledge and information to build your activities on the existing knowledge and experience. Profit from our large network of contacts. We facilitate networking events and invite to conferences and workshops.


We help you assess, and provide tools for, your project and performance management.


Learn which markets to target and how to connect your companies with suppliers, through the organization of trade fair participations, selling and buyer missions, study tours, and combining them with on-site visits.


The team at SIPPO in North Macedonia is fully focused on identifying the possibilities for your export support.

Our experience in export support activities, along with our knowledge of the market opportunities and challenges in the individual sectors in the country, ensures your success in the collaboration with our team.

Goce Pesev

Export Promotion Manager

Natalija Puntevska

Regional Representative


The three sectors SIPPO and its partner BSOs will focus export promotion services on in North Macedonia are Natural Ingredients, value-added Textiles and Sustainable Tourism.

The support from SIPPO enables the enhancement of the export, pursuant to the nature, possibilities and the potential of the individual sectors.

Natural Ingredients

In context of the natural ingredients, we refer to natural remedies and herbs, aromatic plants, ethereal oils, spices, nuts, mushrooms, lichen, honey, various berries and similar products. With regard to the growing demand of natural ingredients at a global level, this sector has substantial export growth potential.  Help your companies identify which markets are a match for their products.

Sustainable Tourism

Longstanding benefits of tourism calls for sustainable approach, which respects local people, travelers, our cultural heritage and the environment. Efforts to attract the global travelers to North Macedonia, as their next destination for vacation or active tourism, require quality promotion. SIPPO supports sustainable tourism concepts and activities by its partner BSOs in the presentation of North Macedonia as a destination where one can have new experiences, witness authentic culture and enjoy a natural environment.

Value-added Textiles

The textile sector is a traditionally important export branch of the economy in North Macedonia. The proximity to the European markets, wide products range, high quality and adequate pricing work together to position Macedonian textile companies as business partners with the capacity to meet the needs of the global customers. SIPPO will support its partner BSOs to make sure that they find the suitable platform for their exporting companies and to prepare and connect them to the ideal markets.

Partner BSOs

SIPPO is currently identifying future partner BSOs to cooperate in the relevant export sectors. We foster sophisticated services for export-ready companies.

Together with the UN body of the International Trade Center ITC (, export promotion boards and sector associations are assessed in 2017 to identify potential for improvements in their export promotion services. This involves interviews related to BSOs export promotion services, organisational structures, quality management and performance management, as well as export and sector strategies.

In the upcoming months our partner BSOs will be published here.

Agency for Promotion and Support of Tourism in the Republic of North Macedonia

The Agency for Promotion and Support of Tourism in the Republic of North Macedonia is an institution established by the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia in 2008. The main responsibilities are promotion of tourism resources of the Republic of North Macedonia for foreign markets, production of promotion material, organization of  Familiarization trips for foreign tour operators and journalist’s,  organization and participation on the international tourism fairs and exhibitions,  as well as management and support of projects in collaboration with local authorities aimed in developing tourism in general. 

Economic Chamber of Macedonia

The Economic Chamber of Macedonia (ECM) is business-professional association which represents, protects and aligns the interests of its members. The ECM provides various services to the members as part of the operational portfolio as follows: provides business documents for the companies such as certificates of origin, ATA carnets, recommendations, opinions and assist with documents referring to movement of goods, services and business persons. The ECM acts as social partner of the businesses representing their interest in the field of Labor Law, foreign trade exchange, tax and custom system, financial system and educational system. The ECM dedicated special attention to improvement of the production and introducing the standards from the ISO 9000 series, standards for environment protection ISO 14000, standards for quality production HACCP and others.

National Association for Incoming Tourism of Macedonia

National Association for Incoming Tourism of Macedonia is organization encompassing relevant stakeholders of incoming tourism in Republic of North Macedonia. Tour Operators, hoteliers, restaurants, vineries, transporters and guides conjoining their efforts aiming to increase the volume of quality tourism products and services in the country. NAITM as business support organziation is oriented towards connecting and uniting companies, promoting the members, delivering educational services to the members aiming to improve standarss for busines and environment, represents its members and proposes legal solution in front of the institutions, and promotes job possibilities in toruism as progressive sector for youth employment. 

Textile Trade Association - Textile Cluster

TTA-TC represents most significant industry branch, promotes communication between the members, contribute towards  creation of favorable conditions for development of the industry and supports companies to improve their competitiveness by following world trends in the global market. TTA-TC represents the interests of its members before the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia and relevant institutions, national and international organizations and agencies. The association's activities also encompass establishment of bilateral contacts with similar European and global associations and clusters aiming towards exchanging experiences, identifying partners interested in production or investments in North Macedonia, and supporting its members in their export promotion activities. 

“The Day After” for the Textile and Fashion Industry


Business Support Organizations (BSOs) supported by SIPPO organized a virtual panel discussion with representatives of German companies and DTB – network of companies from the textile value chain, educational institutions, institutes and industry – relevant bodies aiming to provide firsthand information for their members on the opportunities for the textile industry in the forthcoming period


In collaboration with its partners, SIPPO organises appropriate events of international character. Check this section regularly and register for tailor-made matchmaking and networking activities.

Study tours, business meetings among customers and suppliers, training for fair presentations, workshops for efficient approach to the export markets and many more activities enable companies to enhance their business export skills.